2018 Clinics


Referee Clinic

Taught by Karen Rogers

October 27, 2018

2019 Clinics (Dates to be determined by court availability):


Serving and Receiving Serves

Gain 90% proficiency on your main serve and develop your second serve.  You will also learn to place your serve.    


Third Shots

The third shot of the game is an important strategy and we will cover the 8 different placements of the third shot so you can start the control of your opponents.   


The Dink

The hardest shot to make is the dink shot as well as placing your dink shots.  We will cover all aspects of the dink shot. 


Controlling the movement of opponents and speed of the game

The best players in the game are able to control the movements of their opponents as well as control the various speed moments of the game.  This is a tough skill to learn and we will cover how to control your opponents.


Developing a child's love for pickleball

We will cover the basics of pickleball and jump right into the joy of playing games of pickleball.